Apartments Hotel

Bringing to you a new concept, a new taste of experiences, Taste is a unique idea where we are looking to provide a plan for your visit to our tropical and Latin taste. We are located right in the historical city of Granada, Nicaragua.

Rental apartments are became the ideal plan for your future vacations, combining two different ideas, the conveniences of a Boutique Hotel plus the independency of a studio units.

Taste will provide to you a window of opportunities where you could mix a business meeting or a Family vacations trip. Renting Taste apartments never will be so practical and affordable at the same time, which will help you to maximize your time and meet your budget ever.

Swimming pool, green open outdoor spaces, water heater, A/C, internet, security 24/7, kitchen area, it is in simple words a place where you can plan your time, No rush! The unit became your temporary home when you visit Granada, Nicaragua.

So close to everything: Walking distance from our iconic museum, Plaza Central, The main Cathedrals or take the adventure to visit ours 365 Islands where the Great Lake of Nicaragua is.

Taste is looking for you to experience all the flavors that our Nicaraguan cuisine will offer; our international restaurant was planned and thinking for walking through to all different tastes of the Nicaraguan traditional food.

Taste apartments hotel is waiting for you, we will love to assist you with a big smile.